What Traits Do Want From A Solicitor Offering Conveyancing?


If you are someone who is undertaking a property transaction, then professional conveyancing is something that will be of use to you. This is something that will help to ensure the transaction goes smoothly by reducing the chances of a misunderstanding and protecting you from exploitation so that you don’t sign anything you shouldn’t.

Naturally, when hiring conveyancing services from a solicitor, you want to find someone who has the rights traits needed to make the process stress-free and fast for you. The following will examine some traits that you want your conveyancing solicitor to possess so that you have the best chances of success in your property transaction.


1.    Property expertise and experience

Of course, you want your conveyancing solicitor to have a strong background in property sales and an understanding of the property law that is relevant to your transaction. For example, if you are trying to sell a suburban home then hiring someone who has only ever dealt with city apartments might not be the right fit as they involve different factors.

Failing to hire a practitioner who has experience in the area of the property market you are buying/selling in opens you up to mistakes being made. These mistakes can cost you a significant amount of time and money to correct – so get the right person from the start!


2.    Specialisation in your type of property


When interviewing the conveyancing solicitor, ask them qualifying questions about their experience and portfolio of past work. Find out what degree of specialisation they have when it comes to property transactions and find out if they are actually a qualified solicitor as this can make a big difference if a problem arises that you need legal expertise on.

The more specialised they are with your particular type of case, the better your chance of success. The most elaborate and complex transactions will require conveyancing from a seasoned expert who knows how to juggle all of the necessary considerations without forgetting things.


3.    Great communication skills

Of course, a conveyancing solicitor needs to also have good communication and people skills in order to effectively correspond with you as well as other stakeholders in the transaction. They need to be able to translate complex language used in contracts for you so that you fully comprehend what you are agreeing to before you signature touches the page.

It’s also good to think about HOW they communicate as well as how often they do it. Are they going to primarily email you, or will they give you a phone number you can contact them on in an emergency?


4.    Clearly explains things

The conveyancing solicitor that you hire should never say something is too technical for them to explain to you, because it is their job to explain it so that anyone could understand. If they fail to explain something in plain English to you then it means they don’t fully understand it themselves as its part of their job to communicate the information to lay-people.


5.    Is reliable and punctual

Obviously, you also only want to hire a conveyancing specialist who is punctual and is able to be relied on. It would defeat the point of hiring outside help if the outside help can’t actually organise things any better than you can and just become another stressful thing that you need to manage.

There you have it, 5 traits that you want your conveyancing solicitor to have before you give them any of your hard-earned money. Always shop around and get the best deal you can since every cent counts these days.

How Criminal Lawyers in Sydney Judge Their Own Performance Internally

court room

Clients might not care too much about how a criminal or a divorce lawyer in Sydney judge their own performance internally on the surface.

When facing serious charges, all that matters is the end result and whether or not it meets a simple threshold.

Yet there parameters are important to know for constituents who have to engage these practitioners on an intimate basis.

What makes them tick? What is their motivation? How will they be allocating their time and how will they be presenting the case for the defence?

To know more about their role within the justice system, it is worthwhile taking stock of their internal performance criteria.


Does Their Client Understand The Facts and Nature of The Case?

What can assist the case for criminal lawyers in Sydney is having a client that is competent and aware of the facts. When they have a solid grounding for what constitutes success and what avenues will work for them, that eliminates many of the logistical frustration for a solicitor. To achieve this mark, extensive discussions might need to be held to illustrate what risks are present and what opportunities exist, detailing all known facts and not leaving anything to chance. They will feel like they didn’t achieve their objective if a participant withholds key information.


Have They Operated Inside Budgetary Constraints?

A cynic might believe that criminal lawyers in Sydney are always looking to maximise their value and take as much money from their client as possible, but that type of behaviour damages their reputation. So long as the financial agreement has been established under transparent guidelines where a flat fee, hourly rate or price commensurate with the outcome has been signed off on, then the working relationship can proceed successfully. There will be many defendants who are within the low or middle income bracket, placing the emphasis on a solicitor who doesn’t overcharge their client.


lawyer and client talkingHave They Sourced Direct Forms of Evidence Independent of Opposing Counsel?

Behind the scenes, criminal lawyers in Sydney are in a race to gather direct forms of evidence before their opposition. This can be obtained through police reports, DNA tests, eyewitness testimony, bank records, documentation, video or photographic evidence and more. The earlier they have this information, the sooner they can incorporate it into their argument and utilise it as an asset against the other counsel.


Have They Exposed Inconsistencies and Weaknesses With Opposition Counsel?

Criminal lawyers in Sydney love nothing more than having a chance at some grandstanding, announcing proudly to a judge or jury why a certain statement or proclamation from their opponents is incorrect or invalid. This requires careful and diligent listening about their position and not being preoccupied with their own statements.


Have They Reached a Satisfactory Outcome?

When it is all said and done, criminal lawyers in Sydney are still in the results business. A case won’t always be settled in a black or white scenario, acquiring early plea agreements where charges can be diminished or dropped altogether. Solicitors have to climb the ranks in order to carry a strong reputation in the industry and that can only be done by a portfolio littered in victories. Whilst they might have to compromise in some departments, they will take the legal fight to the prosecution and emerge victorious.



Criminal lawyers in Sydney will judge themselves as well as being judged by their peers and superiors. Before long these internal parameters will be guides that local constituents can use, identifying well-respected practitioners who receive quality outcomes for their clients. By understanding the context of their craft, defendants are in a better position to engage their services and seek a solicitor who has the right motivations to take on the case.