How to Manage Your Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Spreading the joy of a wedding should be one of the most enjoyable activities that a couple is able to share together.

This is a time to bring friends and family members together to celebrate a monumental moment in the lives of those who are pronouncing their love for one and other.

While that excitement is occurring, there are some practical considerations that have to be placed on the table.

From the venue to the catering and the size of the event including the numbers and names of guests, they have to be factored into the planning.

This is where wedding invitations come into play. They are part and parcel of the project, but they should not have to be an overly costly exercise.

We will outline a series of tips and strategies to send these items out on a budget.


Embrace The DIY Approach

For those couples who have the confidence to create their own wedding invitations, this is a strategy that will be the most affordable. Certain outlets will provide customers with digital templates that allow them to imprint their own customised cards. This approach will mitigate against those who are concerned about producing a low quality set of invitations, but in 2019 there is great scope to use digital products that allow participants to still get creative and produce high quality invitations without spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars outsourcing this domain to a third party.


Keep The Style Simple

wedding cards

Although the creative types will like to go above and beyond with their design for wedding invitations, the best approach to take on a budget is to adhere to the correct etiquette and keep the style simple. The formula has been proven for generations and there is no reason to complicate the process further. Simply tick the following boxes:

  • The couple’s name
  • The location of the ceremony
  • The date and time of the ceremony
  • A space to RSVP

There can be additional instructions included, but it is important to note that space on the card will be limited, so use the font wisely. The best simple design format is to stick with black writing on a white card or white writing on a black card, ensuring that the text is clearly legible.


Standard Envelopes Are Still Valuable Envelopes

While much of the focus will be placed on the physical wedding invitations themselves, the budget can be blown out of proportion when investing in intricate and expensive envelope designs. This is where wedding outlets can really increase their own bottom line to try and replicate a pattern and modelling that is consistent with the card itself. It will commonly be an item of wrapping that is discarded to the bin, so do not focus any additional time or money on this subject.


Have Creative Friends/Family Members Involved

As the saying goes – many hands make light work. This principle applies to wedding invitations and helping to minimise costs. From partners to close friends or family members, these participants will be able to do a lot of the heavy lifting on the project, particularly for those who have adopted a DIY approach.


Provide Online RSVP Option

There may well be older guests who have no connection to the online or social media world, but this is where wedding invitations can become more affordable. If there is a website or Facebook option to RSVP, that will help with any return post issues that can escalate costs further for all parties.


So long as the wedding invitations have been proofread and there are not standout errors, then they are free to be sent to the listed recipients. There will be plenty of costs involved with the event, so taking steps to save dollars with this project is not about being overly frugal, it is about being smart.