Tips For Selecting Your Very Own Baby Car Window Shade

woman carrying a baby, behind her are two cars

Traveling with babies can be a challenge for many parents who are switching from location to location in quick succession.

The good news is that there are options available to make driving all the safer for all parties, but particularly for the child.

The use of a baby car window shade becomes a sensible option when considering the benefits of the exercise.

By reducing the glare, removing the UV rays and controlling the vehicle temperature, this is a quality investment for any parent.

Before purchasing the first brand that presents itself, it is worthwhile considering some key tips that will point consumers in the right direction.


1) Appropriate Window Shape

Not every vehicle is the same when it comes to the shape of their windows. Some will be custom fit; others will support star shapes, triangles, squares, oval designs and all manner of sizes and interpretations. In this respect – near enough is not good enough because light can invade the car space with the smallest of openings. This is where it is important for consumers to have their measurements ready before they select which baby car window shade is right for them.


2) Driver Visibility

There is little to gain from the installation of a baby car window shade if the driver’s visibility is impeded. That is pure impracticality that defeats the entire purpose of installing the item in the first place. Consumers who place these products for the side windows need to sit in the driver’s seat before checking their mirrors and gauging whether or not their vision is impaired. If there is no barrier and it is safe and secure, then the next stage of criteria can be fairly assessed.


3) UV Protection Levels

Brands that offer a baby car window shade for local drivers will have to meet some strict requirements for UV protection. The higher the grade of protection, the safer the child will be from this level of exposure. Measuring the ultraviolet rays can be processed through the index that starts at 2 or less for low, 3-5 for moderate, 6-7 for high and 8-10 for a very high risk level. If it has been tested and authenticated for the best protection possible, then parents can install the item knowing it will get the job done.


4) Easy To Remove & Install

There can be times when parents will be switching between cars or carrying out a clean of the vehicle where the baby car window shade has to be removed and installed again. Rather than going through an arduous process in this setting, it is important to invest in a brand that is user-friendly. Some of these outlets will offer permanent solutions that remain in place at all times, but there are sunshade designs that can be easily maneuvered to suit flexible driving conditions with the aid of suction cups.


5) Chemical-Free Materials

Mums and dads need to be very careful about what type of materials their child is exposed to. Some of the worst brands of a baby car window shade will be designed with PVC materials that can be very harmful for passengers. The outlets that offer suction cups or clips for the more affordable brands will be more user-friendly in this respect. Drivers are advised to check and double check for the material profile before settling on a product.


Parents who do invest in their very own baby car window shade are taking all of the right precautions with the safety and wellbeing of their child. This will promote a healthy sleeping environment without exposing them to unwanted glare for daytime driving.