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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Timber Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

Timber outdoor furniture is a reliable and sturdy furnishing solution for your patio area or garden. The classical look of wooden seating gives your patio or garden an autunitic, down-to-earth feeling that will be noticed by guests and potential future home buyers.

If you want to protect your timber outdoor furniture for the long-term, you need to take some measure to maintain it throughout the harsh elements it is exposed to. The following will detail some steps you can take in order to protect and maintain your timber outdoor furniture.


Keep the dust from building up

Use a clean and dry cloth, or a duster, to dust off each piece on a weekly basis.


Spot clean to defeat the build up of mildew and mould

Make sure to use a soft brush or a hose to abrasively remove dirt and debris that may be caked on or in between bits of your timber outdoor furniture. Moisture and dirt and perfect breeding grounds for the spores that create mould and mildew.


Keeping it protected

If you are not going to use your timber outdoor furniture for an extended period (such as winter time) then it’s prudent to cover up and store each piece away under cover. The best protection from the elements (especially the wind and rain of winter time) is to avoid exposure to them altogether.

Make sure you remember to do a thorough clean of each piece before you cover them up. This way they’ll look amazing and ready to use the minute summer comes around. Also, don’t allow any water to be left behind on surfaces or cushions as this can cause stains.


Keeping cushion protected

Of course, a major element of your timber outdoor furniture is the cushions that you place on it. Investing in a fabric protector for your cushions and any other textiles you are using is a good idea.

Same as the seating – cushions should be placed inside and out of the elements when you aren’t using the space for an extended period.


Weather resistant woods and finishes

Of course, there have been plenty of products over the years that seek to eliminate the need to spend as much time maintaining timber outdoor furniture. These special finishes are applied during and upon completion of the carpentry process so that the stool or bench is a sturdy and resistant as possible by the time it gets to your home.


Some tips for buying timber outdoor furniture

Size still matters!

Don’t neglect measuring the bench and the place you want to put it in just because it’s outside. Its just as important to measure what you are buying, even if you aren’t very fussed about where it exactly ends up.

Shop around

Make sure you go to lots of different stores when looking for timber outdoor furniture so that you have lots of different amazing options to look at. This will give you the best value offers as you will be able to compare and contrast the prices you see.

Take some photos

Take photos of the timber outdoor furniture you want to buy and the space you want to put it in so you can have a quick visual guide to what will work and what won’t.

Hopefully the above helps you with protecting and shopping for timber outdoor furniture.